Paradoxes …

Paradoxes are neither para nor doxes, nor oxes, nor Rivers, whom neither runs upwards, nor sidewards, nor downwards. Neither neithers, nor neither’s shadow nor shadow’s shadows …

Zen’s intention is to ‘jump your logic’, such that you can logically ‘zap your brain’, in a conscious attempt, at avoid trying to think your way out, of your existing, and already well unknown perfect solutions.

The above is a pretty simple example, and simply meant to simply challenge you. Simply, such that you will need, to consume simple mental energy, which again simply fills your head with simply nothing, at least nothing of anything but simple value, which again creates simple receptiveness, for non-simple new ideas …

It serves as a blank canvas at one level …

By conveying things utilizing rhythm, word-smithing and rhymes, we are capable of reaching parts of other people’s brains, which are normally inaccessible for us …

That’s why basically everything Buddha ever wrote, and all other Buddhist’s, of the stuff that’s good at least, is about how you need to realize your non-existence, to become capable of accepting your Now, and become Enlightened. Conveyed such, it makes little sense, however, stay tuned, because I do not need to convey it like that … 😉

Anyway, this is my first blog here, and I thought I start out with something that didn’t make any sense what-so-ever, since none of this really does. However, once you realize that, you can actually start ‘unwrapping it’, and actually Create sense out of it, which again releases your sensational parts of your senses …

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