The oldest, shortest and funniest joke on Earth

What do you think the value of laughing is?

“The World is a Mirror, and you must give what you want”

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6 Responses to The oldest, shortest and funniest joke on Earth

  1. Ramanath P says:

    The Trikāya doctrine is an important Mahayana Buddhist teaching on both the nature of reality and the nature of a Buddha. A Buddha has three bodies: the nirmānakāya or created body which manifests in time and space.
    The saṃbhogakāya or body of mutual enjoyment is a body of bliss or clear light manifestation.
    The Dharmakāya or Truth body embodies the very principle of enlightenment and knows no limits or boundaries.

  2. polterguy2 says:

    Thank you Ramanath. Do you have any good resources to me, which I could digest …?

  3. Ramanath P says:

    What kind of resources you want? Please let me know.

  4. Ramanath P says:

    Laughing is good exercise for health but not always sometimes a symbol of —-.

  5. polterguy2 says:

    Hi Ramanath, I grew up in the Western Hemisphere, and although I started reading about self-suggestiology, self-hypnosis, meditation etc at the age of 17, I quickly realized it wasn’t ‘my path’ …

    So I’ve basically found ‘another way’ to Illumination, which does in no ways need Meditation to occur, since you can create the same ‘Mental Locks’ onto your own brain, by using ‘Left Hemisphere Tools’, such as communication, logic, movement, dance, etc. Much easier to explain, especially to restless western people … 😉

    So now you know my goal; Which is basically to confront everyone out there, in such a way that they’re ‘forced’ to face their own fears …

    What resources do you think I need to be successful …?

  6. polterguy2 says:

    BTW, regarding Laughing and Enlightenment, of course I knew that, though it’s a strong ‘signal’, since you’re by the very definition no longer worried about one of our largest Archetypical fears we’ve ever Created for ourselves, which is our Fear of Rejection …

    I told you I could explain this … 😉

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