My name is Thomas Hansen, and I am an Enlightened. What that means, is among other things, that I have no fear anymore – In general …

Ask yourself how living without Shame, Fear of Rejection, Fear of Dying, etc would be like?

I think I can teach you, if you are willing to follow my blog, and subject yourself to my suggestiology. Which is a kind of ‘hypnosis’. Meaning, yes! I will occasionally ‘mess with your brain’ here in my blog.

If that frightens you, then I suggest you find some other blog to read. However, I can guarantee you that, regardless of how I ‘mess with your brain’, my intentions are the best. You see, it’s kind of the Compassion thing that allows me to gain my ‘powers’ so to speak, just like the First Buddha said … 😉

Here’s some sort of attempt at trying to explain myself from a Meta Perspective, however, as always, once they form, words by their very definition turns meaningless …



“A Day in The Antichrist’s Life”

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