Here’s a small compendium of my current plans of how to start and finish the entirety of Armageddon, Ragnarokk, or whatever you and your culture calls it. Now it all starts with the Rapture, which is basically nothing but His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama, accepting his personal Nirvana, which you can read about in the Tibet Solution.

My declaration of the Beginning of Armageddon

The way I find the most productive beginning for it – At the moment …

Am I The Antichrist …?

Here I ask the Question; “Am I The Antichrist?”, which I obviously can only answer with the words; “I don’t know”. However, since my plan is to initiate Armageddon, you can probably logically deduct yourself to an answer for yourself I assume …?

How to Implement Armageddon

Here’s a logical/psychological argument for the importance of dropping the Ego, and become Enlightened, since that basically *IS* Paradise …

Resurrecting Illuminati

Here’s my official declaration of my intent to Resurrect Illuminati, to make it Psychologically easier to believe that we’re actually really inside of an Actual Armageddon here in the west. Great job Dan Brown … 😉

Why the Word needs to Die

Dimmu Borgir, the Inspiration for my Dark Metal Heart!!

Inspiration for 7 years of Ultimate Power, realizing someone else will Burn for you:

Want to join me in ceasing ALL POWER ON Earth …?

If so, send me an email at

Regardless, have a Nice and Beautiful Armageddon Friends,

Thomas Hansen aka The Antichrist …

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