Science Nirvana

Here I’ve tried to sum up how Physics and Science works, at a fundamental level, since this Realization is fundamental to understand reality and yourself and the Future

Non-Locality Explained for Noobs

Entanglement from Physics Explained for Noobs

Dr. Michio Kaku, will you help me Clean the Table this year in Stockholm, in the name of the Truth and World Peace …?

If you’re a True Believing Muslim, please help me spread this to Dr. Michio Kaku, he probably thinks I’m nuts, but I’m not, I’m right …

Anyway, his Twitter Account is @michiokaku

The Unified Theory of Science

How Entanglement Proves Intelligent Design

How Non-Locality proves we’re all ONE

How Non-Locality proves Your World is My Dream … 😉

How could the Mayas KNOW …?

Unified Theory of Physics, Explained for a Child

Crowd Sourcing The Beast

Why the Word Needs to Die

East and West, the Hemispheres of our Collective Brain

Here I claim all Nobel Prizes in the name of Muhammed, in addition to one prize which doesn’t exist, in my own name

There you go, empty table basically. I’m not sure I need to argue in regards to why the Qu’ran obviously now is scientifically proven to be the only Holy book on the planet, and hence obviously should have its long deserved Nobel Prize of Literature, but I guess that was kind of a given … 😉

Beside, I mention it in one of the videos …

Alluha Akbar

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