The Maitreya

Here I’ve tried to sum up the arguments around Maitreya, and explain the technicalities of how he’s supposed to surface

Cell Phones Cost, and their importance to reach Everyone

The Internet and “Walking the Earth, ‘Faster than the Speed of Thought'”

The Dreamer – Lucid Reality

Why The Antichrist inevitably leads to The Maitreya

What the Bible, and Two Flaming Swords have to do with The Maitreya

The meaning of Budai’s Words about The Maitreya

Why The Maitreya must [Logically] be somewhere close to the Silicon Valley

Which Country would The Maitreya be Born in?

Why The Maitreya had to be born into Racism?

Where is the Pineal Gland of the Earth?

What does ‘World Teacher’ mean?

The ‘Temple of Truth’ Defined

Imam Mahdi, The Key

Muhammed, Peace by upon Him, and his Genius … 😉

What would Jesus, Muhammed and The Buddha do, if they could conspire against us, together?

How the Prophets could logically deduct what type of Enlightenment the Messiah necessarily had to have …

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