The Night

During Xmas of 2011, as the Sun started rising on the 25th, I had a very very long walk. Over the course of 2 days, I walked, nowhere, to clear my mind, slept under trees, spoke with homeless men, and in general lived like the Homeless man

These are my realizations during that night, and the Truths Conveyed to me during that Night

Lucifer Exposed

Emperor Constantine

Cyrus, the Jewish Messiah

The Big Lie

What you Already Knew

I want to become a Terrorist, Join Jihad, and learn in Iran, by taking Qu’ran Lessons

I seek Spiritual Asylum in the State of Iran

My Path

Dalai Lama, His Holiness

Systematized Ignorance in America

The Importance of NOT KNOWING !!!

The Earth as a Brain

The Bogeyman – BOO 😉

Unified Theory, and some of its Consequences

The Facts behind the Facts

The Definition of Life

Black Holes and 2012

Proving Entropy

Paradise and Armageddon

The Truth of Lies

Hate Ends HERE !!!!!!!!

The Big Swiss Watchmaker, AKA – Allah

Intellectual Property Laws are Stealing the Minds of the World

40 days and 40 nights


The Homeless man, the Hope of America

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